Project title: Skill up For Your Business (2020-1-SK02-KA105-002433)

Duration of the project: 01.05.2020 – 31.08.2021

Everyone has the potential for achieving something in life and finding its role in society. But many people, unfortunately, lack even the minimum courage or/and support to do so.

Life in the 21st century has different dynamics and gives different opportunities for different people. Success in life depends on so many different factors, like where you were born and raised (rural or urban area), what you have been taught, what have you seen, and experienced, who supported you in your private and personal life… Nowadays in the era of the internet, fast-growing technologies, many free opportunities for education and connection of people, there are so many opportunities for personal development and (self) employment, yet the rates of young unemployed people in many European countries remain high.

At the moment, on one hand, there are many young people that have innovative and important ideas for society which can be very profitable as well, just they need a bit of encouragement and education on how to design and lunch their businesses. On the other hand, the majority of young unemployed people don’t know in which field of work they would like to focus, how to develop their career or even how to properly apply for open job positions. A lot of, young people nowadays need additional support and upgrading of their knowledge, skills, and experiences in order to be properly employed and be helpful for the society. Most of us (the partner NGO’s) have witnessed the improvements in the lives and mental health of the young people (especially the ones with fewer opportunities) being engaged in programmes of the youth organizations. Because of the non- formal education is based od learning by doing and have much more inclusive and creative approach which motivates the young people to be active and engaged. Nowadays (according to CEDEFOP), the global economy of the 21st-century workplace demands people with transversal skills such as the ability to think critically, take initiative, problem-solve, and work collaboratively.

Also, there are so many opportunities and resources not used properly, which is even making the situation more absurd for having many young people waiting on the lists to be employed. If we just analyze the Eco employment and sustainable energy field we could see that there are millions of opportunities for new employees on a global level. That employment is protecting nature and making our planet less polluted and more sustainable. Since this situation is similar in all partner countries, we believe that only by working together we can create sustainable solutions and improve the current and future situation of youth employment.

We are going to use many creative methods of non-formal education, visits of successful enterprises, working on study cases, and experiential learning (learning by doing) through all projects. The participants are going to learn how to make good CV, Motivation letter, prepare well for an interview, be advised and motivated by successful entrepreneurs, create business and marketing plans, implement their small business ideas on the field, share success stories and build teamwork and leadership spirit.

So our AIM is: Equipping young people with relevant competencies in order to be successful in the job market and create opportunities for many young people.