Project title: Open Mic (2020-1-HU01-KA105-077994)
Duration of the project: 01.05.2020 – 30.11.2020

Being based in Eastern Europe it is perhaps even more observable for us that there seems to be a lack of democratic participation, especially in the case of young people, who are in many cases do not participate in democratic processes that determine their lives and societies. As formal education generally displays observable failings in this area, it is the responsibility of NGOs and civil actors to spread democratic values and the importance of participation and self-reflection to young people in a contemporary, encouraging way. What we hope to achieve by implementing this project is to increase youth participation and democratic involvement on behalf of young people through informal and non-formal methods in youth work, specifically artistic forms of self-expression. Our other specific aim can be summarized as providing a tool of communication for youth workers through which they can reach their target groups. The methodology acquired by the participants will hopefully contribute not only to the personal development of the participants themselves but gives them a new, professional approach to young people, as young people have a special form of language use, through which they are more easily reached. By taking part in this training course, youth workers will be able to devise their own activities to teach young people within their reach the importance of democratic values and the forms of their artistic expressions. This has the potential not only to enhance the participation of young people in the democratic processes but – by helping them learn and discover more about themselves – to lead to a better, healthier society.