EFOP-5.2.2-17-2017-00112 (Leader: Védő Burok Egyesület)

In the project, we would like to study community planning good practices through local decision-making in the Danube Strategy Region and in the V4 countries (all three sub-objectives formulated within the framework of the call are met). We are looking for solutions in which the local community is involved in decision-making at the local level in some way, regardless of the intensity and depth of participation. During the study, we are mapping the types of collaborations, the organizational operational solutions, the content aspects, and we explore the possible problems and obstacles. We will pay special attention to the legal and organizational conditions necessary to start the involvement of the population and to the processes, personal and content conditions that facilitate the involvement. Our project is related to the following areas of intervention:

1) Network cooperation of community development organizations and churches, strengthening exchanges of experience.

2) Supporting network cooperation to be established within the framework of the implementation of the Danube Strategy.