Project title: Critical Media Consumption (2020-2-SK02-KA105-002515)
Duration of the project: 01.08.2020-31.10.2021

In order to help the youth to become conscious consumers of the media and the internet, we must enable the youth workers to do so. By improving their own media literacy skills and by giving them the right resources and tools to train and engage the youth with, they will be able to make the youth conscious consumers of the internet. Non-formal education may be the best tool to do so, because these methods engage the youth and they create important experiences that the youth will remember on the long term.
The main aim of the project is to improve the youth’s conscious consumption of the media by training youth workers how to improve their media literacy skills, how to filter information and the skill of critical thinking.
The main activity of the project is a training course during which the participating youth workers will learn numerous non-formal and experiential learning methods that they will be able to use during their everyday work in teaching media literacy to the youth.

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