Project title: AdvantAGE (2020-3-HU01-KA105-093694)
Duration of the project: 01.01.2021-31.08.2022

Age-related stereotypes and discrimination are more typical characteristics of our society than ever. Representatives of different generations are victim and guilty at the same time, because they discriminate people of other generations while also they are discriminated often. Lack of intergenerational communication which causes misunderstanding, leads to stereotypes and discrimination. For this reason, our society needs well-prepared youth workers who are able to understand and accept each generation promoting in this way the intergenerational communication and acceptance also between them. However, most of the time the youth workers do not have the right knowledge and they are not prepared of how to handle situations like these.
Thus, the aims of the project are to:
1) develop mutual acceptance and understanding between people from different generations reducing the intergenerational gap;
2) fight against stereotypes and promote tolerance and solidarity through different experiences and viewpoints for a better life and society;
3) make youth workers able to involve also elderly in their activities in order to bring closer youth and old people who have similar social difficulties, such as loneliness or difficulties in intergration.

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