Project title: Interculturality Works! (2020-3-HU01-KA105-093717)
Duration of the project: 01.01.2021-31.03.2022

The young people in schools are not thought about the intercultural diversity we have in Europe because that topic is rarely covered in school curricula, and the most educators lack intercultural competences to adopt to the new situation. The worst is the situation in NFE, in many countries youth work is still not recognized and where it is, most of the youth workers lack competencies, innovative methods, approaches and tools for dealing with the topic. Even if they are already working with young people from different cultural background or are having them in their society, they usually fail to involve them. And if we don’t focus on this situation the young people will continue to create stereotypes and prejudices and the hate speech, discrimination, conflicts, living in ghettos will continue. We believe that if youth workers are equipped with modern and innovative approaches and tools and if they are not afraid to be creative in the facilitation, then the young people will be motivated to attend the provided educational activities and the impact of those will be easily reached. Therefore, we will introduce the youth workers coming from culturally mixed areas with various methods, approaches and tools that they can effectively use, so they will develop their competencies for working with youth from different cultural backgrounds. The training course we plan will be implemented using participatory approach and the participants will have a chance to experience many innovative approaches, methods and tools which they will be able to apply in their future work. The main aim of this project is to increase the knowledge of youth workers regarding interculturality and intercultural communication, and to expand their methodological toolbox by equipping them with various methods, approaches and tools that they can bring into their local, everyday work with young people.

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