Project title: More Than Just Words (2020-2-SK02-KA105-002530)
Duration of the project: 01.08.2020-31.12.2021

Decrease of democratic participation, first of all between young people who often remain inactive not participating in democratic processes which influence also their life and future, is always more perceptible in Europe. Formal education generally is not appropriate to involve young people and raise their awareness toward European values’ importance, thereby NGOs and civil actors have to reach young people encouraging them to be active participants of democratic life through self-reflection. For this purpose, NGOs and civil actors have to find those contemporary methods which are appropriate to reach young poeple considering also the special needs of this age group. Our intention by implementing this project is to make young people active participants of democratic life reaching them by youth workers who are able to use artistic forms of self-expression to raise young people’s interest finding a common language with them. For this purpose, we intend to equip youth workers with a contemporary communication tool based on methods of Slam Poetry to reach young people within their reach. We hope that the methodology of the project will cause the youth workers’ personal development and they will understand young people’s special needs. One of these needs of young people is a contemporary, special form of communication through which they might be reached more easily. The trained youth workers will be able to reach young people more effectively raising their awareness toward the importance of European and democratic values teaching them also the different artistic form of self-expression. This may raise young people’s active participation in democratic processes which will lead to the whole society’s development as well.

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