Project title: Seven SMART Steps to Adapt Digitally Supported Differentiated Learning Methodology to Increase Problem-Solving and Text Comprehension Competencies (2020-1-HU01-KA226-SCH-094124)
Duration of the project: 01.03.2021-31.08.2022

The partners submitting the present proposal have developed such a solution in the frame of a previous project called “SMART e-Maths”. The solution targets math teachers and 3-8th grade students of primary schools, supporting the development of their problem-solving competencies by offering them adaptive, personalized learning paths in a digital educational material. It is suitable to support classroom work, homework assignments and preparation for diverse contests and exams, and many other activities.

We have decided to develop a detailed, innovative adaptation methodology that is focused on empowering and on the renewal of skillset of teachers in a stepped learning by doing model – as a stand-alone innovation – while spreading the best practice in 18 more schools in Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.


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