Project title: Control, Escape, Delete (2020-2-DE04-KA105-019906)
Duration of the project: 01.08.2020-31.01.2022

There were two, simultaneously present issues that prompted us to plan, apply for, and hopefully carry out the project named Your Life Captured.
One of these is the increasingly present social problems in the European Union which are often inadequately countered by national and local governments, thus leaving that task to civil society actors. Therefore, it is important, especially in a future perspective, to encourage young people to become active and socially aware citizens who participate in these civil efforts.
It is the firm belief of our partnership that we can utilize the pictorial turn and the virtues of the digital age for this purpose. Therefore, we wish to introduce a method to provide a new, informal way of educating young people about and raising their awareness of social issues.

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