Project title: Volunteering Pays Off (2020-1-SE02-KA105-002813)
Duration of the project: 30.09.2020-29.09.2021

When the world is facing the biggest challenge debate ever: how to reach sustainability and preserve nature, while at the same time increase employment opportunities, eco employment presents has to be in the focus of creating training programs for young people.
“Volunteering Pays Off” training project was developed in order to respond to three main insights:
a) There are many organizations in Europe working with young volunteers on everyday basis, but lacking strategy and long-term objectives, which would ensure personal development of volunteers on one hand and sustainability of organisations on the other.
b) Volunteering programmes, if they are meeting needs of young people and have their competences assessed in a proper way, can do a lot for future employment of young people.
c) The Eco employment area offers so many possibilities for using and preserving the nature and in the same time offer many sutainable employment opportunities

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